The founder

 Image: Ervie Barnett 

How it started.....


The first day of business for Barnett's was June 6, 1957. 

The founder Ervie Barnett retired in December, 1977. The daily operation of Barnett's was passed to David Harper and stayed in the family for 3 generations from 1957-2002.

Barnett's Dairyette was again sold in February, 2002, and for the very first time, the business was not under the ownership of the Barnett family, but instead Reid Carroll .

And Now!


Jacob Frese purchased Barnett's Dairyette June 27th  2017.

His goal is to continue the rich history of Barnett's Dairyette 

Where summer fun meant an ice cream cone at Barnett’s Dairyette and cruising down the long quiet roads. Where community spirit was alive and everyone knew the Soda Jerks by name!  Barnett’s Dairyette became part of those forgotten summers and Jacob will keep the memory alive by breathing fresh air into old traditions.